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We are a charity organization working to empower the poor, less privileged and the willing youths in the society. We provide an enabling environment for sustainable growth in education and poverty alleviation. If you would like to make a difference in our world today, but do not know how, MULTI-EDGE CARE INITIATIVE is the perfect place to start. Here, your giving is the difference between life and death to the less privileged in our community. We all know that the success of the youth and the elevation of poverty are very important for the progress of every nation. It is also the duty and moral obligation of families, individuals, businesses and the community. Therefore, we call on everyone to support/partner with us in your different ways to help ease the burden and the pain of the afflicted and to show some love.

Our aims are:

• To promote the initiative for the eradication of poverty. • To provide for the welfare and capacity development of the poor in the society. • To promote child education.


Our Vision:

''Build bridges, remove barriers by empowering people through vocational training to change a life, make an investment, improve health and wealth creation''


Our Mission:

''To educate, reduce unemployment and health inequalities, increase the participation of less privileged people to broaden their horizon and self management''

Values & Strategy

Values: Our values underpin the acronym RED CAPS (If the cap fit’s wear it) R-Reduce inequalities in health and education by bridging the gap of social and business exclusion within the societ. E-Empowerment- through education & information enable poor disadvantaged people to take as much power as possible over their own lives and those of the people in their community. Promoting self-management, self-care. Encourage people to take responsibility for managing their health & life. Employment-creation of wealth for poor disadvantaged people and war against poverty. D - Diversity- Being proud of our diversity and promotion of equality of opportunity & access to services. C - Community- flexible & better-qualified community workforce &more motivated community staff. C - Customer Care – Fast, reliable, friendly/efficient . A – Advocacy/Accountability-If we take care of our character our reputation will take care of itself. We aim to set an example in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. P - Partnership with similar organization with same aims and objectives. S-Sustainability. Be self sustainable through Training , information & knowledge. Objectives of all our projects is called the WESTSIDE STRATEGY. WORK, EQUIP, SELF MANAGEMENT SELF CARE, TRAIN INDIVIDUAL, SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER, IDENTIFY NEW OPPORTUNITIES, DISCIPLINE/DRIVEN, ENCOURAGE/ENERGIZED/ENGAGE/EMPOWERMENT.


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